October 2 to 6, 2017

PRO MAGNO - São Paulo, Brazil

Paper submission: Deadline now extended to June 19

Industry professionals, researchers, academics, and students have been given more time to submit their projects for ABM WEEK 2017, which will be held in São Paulo from October 2 to 6. The new deadline to submit your contributions is now June 19.

On top of presenting and discussing their work with colleagues and researchers in the fields of metallurgy, materials, and mining, the authors compete for technical recognition awards created by ABM and sponsored by associated companies.

Moreover, the authors have the opportunity to publish their studies in the journals TMM – Metallurgical, Materials and Mining Technology, jmr&t – Journal of Materials Research and Technology and Materials Research – Ibero-American Journal of Materials. The last two periodicals have each reserved one edition for publishing articles submitted for ABM WEEK.

How to submit your work: Submission continues to be done by filling out a form directly on the event web page. You just select the field of knowledge and the subject, and download the template. The author appointed as contact person will be provided with a code and a password to access the Restricted Area, where she or he can interact with the paper reviewer.

For more information, please get in contact with Margareth Nunes by phone (55 11 5534-4333) or e-mail margareth.nunes@abmbrasil.com.br.


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